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In Florida, policyholders have a right to obtain insurance coverage from a company that is financially stable and serviced by a competent and honest agent or broker. However, no matter the company, insurance disputes can still arise for any number of reasons. If you are dealing with a property insurance dispute, call on the talented Fort Lauderdale West Palm Beach attorneys at Reising Law, P.A.

We have more than 20 years of experience serving Florida businesses and individuals, delivering personal attention, dedicated service and knowledgeable representation when you need it most. Although we have worked with some of the largest organizations in the State, we keep our boutique firm small on purpose so that we can continue to focus on our clients’ needs. When you work with us, you will have one lawyer assigned to your case at all times so your most pressing questions are answered as quickly as possible.

Insurance Disputes

Commercial insurance disputes

Commercial insurance generally covers property such as buildings, office furniture and machinery. Disputes generally occur when a business experiences property damage or revenue loss. These claims can be costly for insurance companies to cover, so business owners might find that their insurer denies, delays or attempts to underpay important claims. For example, an insurer might only be willing to pay for the current market value of a stolen or damaged item, whereas the insured expects to be reimbursed for the item’s original purchase price.

Residential insurance disputes

Regarding residential insurance, providers may offer unfair low settlements or refuse to pay a claim altogether. In cases involving damage claims, the insurance company might argue the damage exceeds the scope of coverage to avoid paying the full amount. A common example of a residential insurance dispute involves claims submitted for roof damage. While the homeowner might believe the damage was caused by extreme weather or a natural disaster, the insurance company might claim that the damage resulted from homeowner wear and tear, which is not covered by the insurance policy.

If an approach such as mediation is not successful, it might be necessary to engage in insurance litigation. Most claims are above the small-claims threshold and will require the help of a qualified insurance dispute attorney. Do not hesitate to speak with a qualified attorney to explore your option for fighting a denied claim through legal action.

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